Beware of the Data Fetish

by   |    May 31, 2012

I recently came across a new term: data fetish. It refers to the tendency of some people to credit new data and analytics technologies with a greater advancement and capabilities than they deserve. Making the point in an interview with Technology Review was Peter Read More…

IPO Aside, Facebook’s Long-Term Prospects Depend on Mining Unstructured Data

by   |    May 24, 2012

Facebook’s stock slid after its initial public offering of $38 on May 18, closing at $32 on Wednesday. But the stock’s out-of-the-gate slide—and the onset of legal challenges that have hit the IPO process—are more of a reflection of Wall Street’s fixation on short-term gains and less a judgment on the long-term value of Facebook’s massive store of user-created unstructured data, according to veteran observers of technology IPOs. Read More…

“Techno QBert Texture,” by Patrick Hoesley, Creative Commons via Flickr

The Database Decision: A Guide

by   |    May 20, 2012

As your organization collects more data — and wants to make better use of the data it’s already acquiring — you now have options that stretch far beyond traditional databases. Your choice of database technology will be dictated by your project’s parameters: how much data, how fast it arrives, the analysis you’ll do and whether you’ll use that analysis operationally or for making strategic decisions. Here is a guide to help you evaluate your options. Read More…