4 Rules for Planning Big Data Projects

by   |    August 16, 2012

Unlike traditional business intelligence investments, the best practices for planning big data projects are evolving, along with new tools and analytics techniques. Here are four ways such projects are different from traditional BI. Read More…

Ovum’s Aphrodite Brinsmead on Real-Time Analytics

by   |    August 8, 2012

Real-time decision-making technology is still very new to the market and has few adopters, according to Aphrodite Brinsmead of research firm Ovum. It’s a complicated implementation, integrating several different data streams across departments. But Brinsmead, a senior analyst based in Read More…

Supply Chain Leaders Know They Have a Big Data Problem

by   |    August 8, 2012

New data types for supply chains—from mapping and GPS sensors, to voice, images and video—do not fit into traditional applications or data models. The good news, as we learned in a survey of 53 IT and supply chain managers, is that companies are beginning to recognize that they they need to respond. Read More…

Clouds by karindalziel via Flickr

A Starting Guide to Data Security in the Cloud

by   |    August 1, 2012

Shifting applications and infrastructure to the cloud does not mean an organization abdicates responsibility for the security and integrity of its data. Experts in the field have developed checklists to help you evaluate cloud strategies and cloud services providers. Read More…

Unstructured Data All Around Us? Not Quite

by   |    July 25, 2012

Let’s not worry about how much unstructured data lies out there, and how fast it’s growing. It’s only the data pertaining to your corporate goals and strategy that matters. Most of the “big data” that pertains to you is not totally unstructured. And it can be tamed, writes Rajan Chandras. Read More…

Paul Barth, left, and Randy Bean, right, of NewVantage Partners.

Podcast: The Importance of Creating Sandboxes for Business Intelligence Analysts

by   |    July 23, 2012

Business intelligence analysts need to have the freedom to play with data to find opportunities to uncover business value, argue Paul Barth and Randy Bean of NewVantage Partners. Hear the second part of an interview with them in this podcast. Read More…