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IBM Makes New Health Care Push with Predictive Analytics, Process Management

by   |    October 23, 2012

There’s a lot of room for improving the health care system, from patient outcomes to inconsistent business processes and cost structures. IBM introduced an offering to address all of these issues using process management expertise, predictive analytics and natural language processing technology from the Watson system made famous on the Jeopardy TV game show. Read More…

Informatica SVP Dennis Moore on Successful Master Data Management Projects

by   |    October 22, 2012

Companies looking to extract value from their data need to first think about creating an environment where business data is clean and workable. Dirty data leads to questionable results. But IT departments will hit major obstacles if they try to Read More…

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Business Problems Suited to Big Data Analytics

by   |    October 18, 2012

Enterprises need clear processes for determining the value proposition of a big data analytics project. In this article, David Loshin examines the applications that make sense for these projects and the criteria that enterprises should use to weigh the costs and benefits of such a strategic investment. Read More…