Using Analytics to Build Your Data Science Team

by   |    November 7, 2012

The global analytics talent shortage makes creating a well-rounded data science department a daunting task. Personalities collide, skill sets vary and a traditional interview is not always an accurate determination of whether a professional will fit the position. Talent Analytics Read More…

Rethink Your Org Chart for Big Data Analytics Teams

by   |    November 6, 2012

Understand the difference between a traditional analytics team and one that’s set up to exploit big data by comparing bank tellers to orchestra musicians. Traditional teams are the tellers, taking users requests and handing out results. Orchestras employ a core group of musicians, but the conductor has to assemble teams to play a different pieces. The results depend on the musicians’ skills, knowledge and experience working together. Read More…

Romney and Obama

Two Very Different Predictive Models for the Presidential Election

by   |    November 5, 2012

Business analysts would do well to pay attention to the scrutiny that election prediction models engender. While the readouts from a customer analytics project won’t rival the passions generated by a close contest for the White House, there are two important takeaways from the political fray. First, the audience for your predictions needs to understand the terms you use to communicate your findings. Second, you need to be ready to defend your model against loud criticism. Read More…

Samsung Galaxy by Bin im Garten via Wikipedia

The Move to Mobile Analytics Requires Cultural, Technical Shifts

by   |    October 30, 2012

If the goal of big data analytics initiatives is to make better decisions faster, then mobile devices are an essential touch point where employees and customers will reap the benefit of the right information at the right time, no matter where they are. To achieve success requires both cultural changes and technology choices, experts at events focused on mobile analytics said. Read More…

Von McConnell of Sprint at IBM info on Demand

Sprint and New York Stock Exchange Look to Turn Analytics Expertise into Data Products and Services

by   |    October 28, 2012

Executives at Sprint and the New York Stock Exchange are looking at turning the in-house expertise they have developed in big data analytics into offerings they can sell to other businesses. While Sprint’s Von McConnell, pictured at left, said his R&D team of data scientists is still in the early stages of exploring this opportunity, there are already signs that business customers of the telco would find insights into consumer behavior trends valuable. Read More…