Building Data-Driven Product Roadmaps

by   |    October 3, 2016

A product roadmap is not an organizational tool, not a project plan, and definitely not a random collection of potential features. By incorporating strategic goals and measurements, you’ll transform this document from a list of feature requests into a true path to product success. Read More…

The Role of Data in Digital Transformation

by   |    September 27, 2016

A successful digital transformation relies on analytics; without them, businesses risk financial and competitive consequences. It’s time for businesses to get serious about digital transformation if they want to advance, and to do that, they must begin taking control of their data. Read More…

Chief Data Officer

Chief Data Officers: The New ‘Oil’ Barons

by   |    September 26, 2016

What exactly is the scope of the role of Chief Data Officer? What are the defining terms for the newly minted position within the organization? The exact nature of the job is nebulous in part because the defining characteristics are still to a large extent, up in the air. Read More…

The required elements of an automated data science system

Data Science Automation For Big Data and IoT Environments

by   |    September 20, 2016

Innovation for data-science automation has begun and will evolve gradually in years to come. We are currently at a stage where we have begun to tackle automation for individual data-science modules. From here, we need to move to a more generic data-science platform, with all modules automated and integrated together. Read More…