Big Data Guides and eBooks

These compact Big Data Guides and eBooks are designed to help professionals grasp key trends and concepts for working with analytics in an enterprise environment.

Tips to Move from Data-Driven to Information Inspired
Download this eBook for best practices to ensure you don’t drown in your data. Self-service data preparation, automated machine learning, and CEO leadership are among the key factors leading to strategic use of your data.

Enrich Your Data with Location Analytics
Download this eBook for examples of companies that have correlated location analytics with decision making to transform their businesses. 


The Unrealized Promise of Analytics (and How Data Governance Can Help)
Download this eBook to explore the link between data governance and analytics, and discover why good data governance is essential to analytics success.


State of the Internet of Things
Download this Special Report for strategic insight and best practices that will help you navigate the IoT journey successfully, beginning with advice from Tom Davenport, Professor at Babson College, on how to get started.  Plus, learn about:

  • The current state of IoT
  • An overview of enterprise applications/projects
  • Top challenges and concerns
  • Advice for business and IT leaders on what the future holds


Get the Most from your Data Lake
Download this 23-page eBook to understand data lakes, the challenges they present, and tips for how data lakes can help your organization make sense of its data and ensure that important data does not go unused.


Boost your Bottom Line with IT Operations Analytics
Download this eBook to understand how IT operations analytics and the real-time insights they provide can optimize performance and generate tangible business value.


Tap into the Power of Machine Learning
Download this 30-page eBook to understand the advantages of speeding data analytics and democratizing insight with automation and machine learning.


The Internet of Things and Data Insights for your Organization
Download this eBook to see how organizations in various industries are meeting the challenges of the Internet of Things today, turning insights into advancements and competitive advantage.


Harness the Business Benefits of Data Visualization
Discover how businesses are evolving their analytics strategy to a self-service model that includes automated data preparation and visualization tools, frees IT from time-consuming data preparation responsibilities, and puts data directly into the hands of the business, enabling faster, data-informed decision making.


Empowering the Insight-Driven Organization
Download this eBook to learn how companies are gleaning valuable business insight from their data and transforming from companies with a lot of data into true insight-driven organizations.


Big Data Analytics Predictions for 2016
Download this eBook to get predictions and insights into some of the most exciting and fastest-growing areas of big data and analytics, including: IoT, Analytics in the Cloud, Open Source, Cognitive Computing, and Data Integration.


The Definitive Guide to Retail Analytics
Big data is having a profound impact on businesses in every industry, but arguably none greater than retail. In an era when customers are empowered with unprecedented access to options and information, retailers must take advantage of big data’s power to address their top pain points and improve their ability to compete.


The Database Decision: Key Considerations to Keep in Mind
This eBook will provide you with answers and advice that can help you make sense of the dizzying amount of options and select the right solution for your organization’s needs.

Download this 78-page eBook to understand:

– The differences between various database types and sample use cases
– The advantages and challenges presented by data lakes
– The applications of open-source technologies such as Hadoop
– Enabling real-time analytics with time-series data


Real-World Analytics in the Cloud: Real Companies, Real Uses, Real Results
Download this case study compendium to learn how real companies are applying big data technologies right now to glean unprecedented insights and drive business results that previously were unimaginable.


Take a SMART Approach to Big Data Analytics: Advice from Big Data Guru, Bernard Marr
In this new eBook, Bernard Marr offers his distinct take on areas including data privacy, video data, wearables, and data visualizations, making this collection valuable and thought provoking for everyone from beginners who are just finding their way in the big data world to seasoned data veterans.


Predictive Analytics: Opportunities, Challenges and Use Cases
Download this 49-page eBook to understand predictive analytics, the unique set of challenges it presents, and the potential payoff.


Analytics, Cloud, and the Insight Economy
Data analytics is driving fundamental transformations of entire industries and roles, as well as the evolution toward an economy propelled by insight.

Download this 68 page eBook to understand:

– The transformative power of analytics in the cloud
– Analytics ecosystems
– Analytics technologies like SPSS, Apache Spark, and Watson Analytics

Chapters devoted to business users, data scientists, and IT leaders address topics including self-service analytics, hybrid cloud, and app development.


Crack the Unstructured Data Code with Deep Learning
Download this eBook to learn how to automate discovery with machine learning, review deep learning use cases, and get tips for managing and applying insights from your unstructured data.


Bridge the Gap Between Business and IT: Integrating Data into Business Workflows
Download this eBook to understand how to translate the language of business into predictive analytics projects, understand the six degrees of data integration, and put the power of data in the hands of business.


The Guide to Real-Time Hadoop
This 19-page eBook can help get you up to speed on Hadoop: what it is, what it does, and how to use it to glean real-time insights from your data.


Improving Access to Data Across your Company/Partner Ecosystem
This eBook contains tips on how to encourage data sharing, discusses the advantages of data sharing, and describes how to avoid potential pitfalls.


How to Build and Lead a Winning Data Team
Do you understand the difference between a traditional analytics team and one that’s set up to exploit big data? This eBook provides the information you need to know to build and lead a winning data team.


How to Leverage Analytics to Improve Social Marketing Initiatives
This 28-page eBook highlights our coverage of marketing and social media analytics, including technology trends, use cases and considerations for business decision-makers.


How to Improve Operations with Analytics
This 32-page eBook contains use cases with information on how to improve insights into supply and demand and distribution networks—to areas of risk management, equipment maintenance, facilities operations, and site selections.


David Meerman Scott shares why big data initiatives can keep you ahead of the pack
While your competitors scramble to adjust, you can seize the initiative, open new channels, and grow your brand.


8 Mistakes to Avoid When Implementing Marketing Analytics
In this report, marketing experts discuss common pitfalls they have seen make analytics projects fail and ways to avoid them.


Executive Report on Analytics Leadership
Download this package of compact reports that will help you get started on the path to achieving analytics insight in your organization.


Making Big Data Technologies Work in the Enterprise
A broad range of technologies and techniques are enabling a new class of analytics applications. To gain the benefits, companies need to reconsider how they build applications and their technology infrastructures.


How to Recruit Big Data Talent When You’re Not Google or Facebook
This guide provides advice for recruiting analytics talent.


Supply Chain Insights’ Big Data Handbook: How to Unleash the Big Data Opportunity
The goal of this report is to break through the hype and understand where companies are on their Big Data journeys.


An Introduction to Human Resources Analytics
With HR analytics, human resources professionals and senior managers can analyze data to inform hiring strategies, highlight business opportunities and forge the best career paths for top performers.


An Introduction to Procurement Analytics
Purchases take up a significant slice of business revenue. Analytics provide the opportunity to cut costs, reduce waste and improve operational efficiency.