Data Warehousing Wafts Further into the Cloud

by   |    January 25, 2013

Companies have been able to run data analytics applications in the cloud for some time, either by leasing dedicated space or using a utility-style rental model on shared equipment. Now, Internet companies and startups are building data warehousing offerings designed from the ground up to run on the cloud. Read More…

Advice for Deploying HR Analytics Tools in the Cloud

by   |    January 18, 2013

More than simply a trend, cloud computing is helping to transform human resources and the applications it supports. Cloud-based HR products and services are cropping up everywhere, promising to help companies cut costs, increase productivity and alleviate IT headaches. Workforce Read More…

Dollar General uses 1010data to track the contents of shopping baskets to analyze correlations among consumer choices.

1010data Offers Data Warehouse-as-a-Service for Analytics Queries

by   |    September 24, 2012

Among the strengths of the spreadsheet: many business users already know how to interpret numbers on one. 1010data takes this idea and expands it exponentially. The company’s software-as-a-service data warehouse provides fast-response queries to datasets that contain hundreds of billions of rows, serving up results via a Web browser into familiar formats including Microsoft Excel. Read More…