What to Know Before Using Cloud Solutions

by   |    May 19, 2017

Cloud technology has come a long way in the past few years. However, there are still some things that companies should be aware of and well-versed in before fully adopting cloud-based solutions. These considerations help companies decide if cloud-based systems Read More…

Succeeding with Artificial Intelligence

by   |    May 16, 2017

An integrated AI platform that can bring together all aspects of machine learning to work with the deep knowledge of an organization—continuously and contemporaneously—is the answer to the problem of how to harness the technologies that are being used in narrowly focused ways. Read More…

Main drivers for deploying BI and analytics to the cloud

Passport to Analytics Anywhere

by   |    April 28, 2017

Cloud BI and analytics are secure answers to providing on-the-go staff with analytics insight. For decades, analytics was exclusively a “power-user” activity that required physical access to a large server platform. The advent of desktop BI tools began to chip Read More…