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Data Informed’s Big Data Academy provides an ongoing, online educational experience for senior-level professionals who want to leverage big data technology to improve their business performance. Marketing Analytics & Customer Engagement shows marketing and sales management, and advertising agency leadership, how to leverage big data technology and best practices to boost results and gain competitive advantage.

Marketing Analytics & Customer Engagement presenters are leading experts, consultants, and industry thought leaders who bring a practical enterprise point of view. Using video, webinars, white papers, and other downloadable assets, they will show participants how to use advanced analytics against data from all sources to:

  • Fully understand and predict customer behavior
  • Monitor and manage customer sentiment
  • Initiate next best actions in real time
  • Improve marketing effectiveness
  • Generate leads
  • Upsell existing customers
  • Maximize web presence

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On-Demand Sessions

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peter fader 90x90 Big Data Academy
Dr. Peter Fader
Frances and Pei-Yuan Chia Professor of Marketing,
Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania

More and more companies are talking about “customer centricity” as a new management framework that allows them to build stronger relationships with customers by better understanding their behaviors and anticipating their needs. But many firms have very different perspectives about what customer centricity means, and these definitions are often quite contradictory. This webinar clarifies this important concept and conveys what executives really need to know about this general area. We start with a focused definition/nature of customer centricity: we discuss what it is and isn’t (e.g., what makes IBM more of a customer-centric firm than Apple?), and give some historical background to help participants understand the evolving shift away from traditional “product centric” thinking.

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david meerman scott 90x90 Big Data Academy
David Meerman Scott
Marketing Strategist and Bestselling Author, Freshspot Marketing

Wake up, it’s revolution time! Gone are the days when you could plan out your marketing and public relations programs well in advance and release them on your timetable. It’s a real-time world now, and if you’re not engaged, then you’re on your way to marketplace irrelevance.

Real-time means news breaks over minutes, not days. It means ideas percolate, then suddenly and unpredictably go viral to a global audience. It’s when companies develop (or refine) products or services instantly, based on feedback from customers or events in the marketplace. And it’s when businesses see an opportunity and are the first to act on it.

Caught up in old, time-consuming processes, too many companies leave themselves fatally exposed by flying blind through this new media environment. You don’t have to be among them. Scale and media buying power are no longer a decisive advantage. What counts today is speed and agility. While your competitors scramble to adjust, you can seize the initiative, open new channels, and grow your brand.

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john noseworthy 90x90 Big Data Academy
John G. (Graeme) Noseworthy
Strategic Messaging Director, Big Data for Marketing, Media & Entertainment, IBM

It’s hard to escape the big data hype these days. But the hype is happening for a reason, and that’s the massive flood of data that digital marketers are collectively generating and the big promise that big data analytics can generate deep customer insights and drive relevance in offers and messaging. In this presentation, we will share actionable insights regarding the potential for big data by looking at the strategies, processes, and technologies Best-in-Class firms are adopting around data analytics for marketing today. Finally, CMOs can make better decisions about the campaigns and offers that will serve customers more completely—based on critical elements such as customer needs and likely next action – so they can do more than just drive conversions… they can predict them.

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brent leary 90x90 Big Data Academy
Brent Leary
Co-founder & Partner, CRM Essentials

In 2005 former Google CEO Eric Schmidt famously estimated the size of the Internet to be five million terabytes of data. But that was when only five million people were on Facebook, anyone was on Twitter, and iPhones and iPads were in existence. Now there are over one billion people on Facebook, 400 million tweets are created every day, and estimates of how much data is on the web are measured in Zettabytes.

This session will look at how big data is driving big opportunities for companies to better understand the needs and wants of customers and prospects, allowing them to create great experiences and longer relationships. We’ll look at how companies are combining transactional, behavioral and social data to find important insights into what’s important to their customers – and delivering those insights across channels and formats to cut through the noise and meaningfully connect with their target audience. Through case studies and real-life examples, we’ll provide the good, bad, ugly and important of building a big data strategy aimed at creating longer, more valuable relationships with today’s empowered customer.

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jamie deguerre 90x90 Big Data Academy
Jamie de Guerre
VP of Products, Topsy

Join Jamie de Guerre, VP at social analytics pioneer Topsy, for expert advice on how to stay ahead of “always on” social conversations and manage your brand’s social perception in real time. Step through real-world examples from leading brands that are keeping ahead of their social audiences, look at sample analyses, and find out how to manage audience conversations in order to formulate the best strategy. Learn how to identify new issues and analyze them in real time as well as how to assess the impact of issues and determine when to escalate or activate the issue. Get the lowdown on how to move towards predictability by identifying how large an issue will become and how to be proactively notified on the onset of trends.

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venkat viswanathan 90x90 Big Data Academy
Venkat Viswanathan
CEO, LatentView Analytics

Hear critical business considerations for big data analytics projects and find out what key questions you should ask to get the most out of your unstructured data. Tackle various ways that companies can gain value and build a competitive advantage by the use of big data technology in decision-making. Find out how to identify the business problem and the questions you need answered and how to tie it all back to ROI. Get expert advice to go beyond basic analytics and dive deeper into your unstructured data to make better business decisions. Get a firm understanding of how to use unstructured data to align with core business objectives and walk away with solutions to common roadblocks with social network data.

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shep parke 90x90 Big Data Academy
Shep Parke
Managing Principal, Markets & Strategy, GrowthOps

Core transaction data is the best source for insights to improve operating results. Traditional approaches to sourcing core transaction data make it hard to use. New techniques to streamline insights out of core transaction data produce remarkable results. We will walk through and discuss in-market examples of the results these techniques produce.

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Search Data is Your Secret Weapon

Available on-demand

john walker 90x90 Big Data Academy
John Walker
Manager of Digital Marketing at JPL Integrated Communications

Every search term entered into a search engine is a digital footprint that a marketer can follow. Today, members of your search marketing team are scrutinizing this data to optimize your website for visibility on search engines. That is good. But what is better, is if your whole marketing team uses this valuable, free data to understand your customers better and to plan marketing programs with immediate impact.

In this webinar, you will learn how your marketing team can use search data provided by Google to:

  • Understand consumer preferences: See how analysis of search term trends provides actionable marketing intelligence.
  • Learn how to use insight from search term analysis to create messages that connect and content that gets found and shared.

Maximize the impact of your marketing spend on lead generation: Search data enables you to quickly estimate the potential return on investment from lead generation programs and therefore ensure that money spent will deliver immediate impact.