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Sentiment Analysis Tool Designed to Predict Veterans’ Suicide Risk

by   |   August 26, 2013   |   2 Comments

An estimated 22 military veterans take their own lives each day—one almost every hour, according to recent research by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Yet predicting who is likely to commit suicide remains a challenge for mental health professionals. Read More…

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NHC Analysts’ Predictive Models Improve Hurricane Season Forecasts

by   |   May 31, 2013   |   Leave a comment

With the Atlantic hurricane season underway on June 1, chances are that the storm tracking forecasts from the National Hurricane Center (NHC) will be more accurate than ever.  The Miami-based division of the U.S. National Weather Service responsible for predicting Read More…

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Weyerhaeuser Converts Sustainability Expertise into Analytics Service

by   |   April 17, 2013   |   Leave a comment

If a tree falls in the forest, who calculates the environmental and economic impact? In 2010, resource experts at forest products company Weyerhaeuser were collaborating with 29 other companies under the leadership of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) Read More…

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Kaggle Visualization Contest Yields Insights on Influence at Harvard Business Review

by   |   March 1, 2013   |   Leave a comment

For nearly a century, the Harvard Business Review had been a largely text-laden magazine, from the front cover to the back page. In 2010, its editorial leaders unveiled a fresh look for the staid academic management journal that included, among Read More…

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Sprint Uses Call Center Analytics to Troubleshoot Spike in Service Times

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When customer call times rose in its call center, Sprint stitched together data from multiple sources throughout the organization to create a picture of the problem–several representatives were skewing average call times–and figure out how to solve it. Read More…

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First the Data, then the Analytics: Pioneers at deCODE Invented Analytical Tools for Genomic Research

by   |   January 3, 2013   |   Leave a comment

When deCODE genetics launched in 1996, its held unique access to a powerful combination of genetic and clinical data about Iceland’s population of 300,000 citizens. What it didn’t have were viable commercial tools to analyze that goldmine of data riches. Read More…

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KPI of the Planet: Integrating Sustainability into Corporate Decision-Making

by   |   November 14, 2012   |   Leave a comment

Doing well by doing good is an admirable goal. But business decisions are built on the bottom line. While corporate sustainability efforts are increasing, every company tracks, measures and reports differently. So the World Business Council for Social Development (WBCSD), Read More…

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Relay Technology Combines Analytics, Search and Visualizations to Bolster Drug Discovery Process

by   |   November 2, 2012   |   Leave a comment

Relay Technology Management, in partnership with Attivio, has developed a software-as-a-service business intelligence tool to help drug companies validate their R&D opportunities more effectively and benchmark their product pipelines against the competition. Read More…

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Spotfire Visualization from ERP Data Brings Clarity to Decision-Makers

by   |   October 31, 2012   |   Leave a comment

Small to mid-size manufacturers, distributors, and retailers come to Paul Buchanan because they want to compete with the big boys. To do that, they need big boy tools that can harness their data for business intelligence and better decision-making. Related Read More…

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FlightRadar24’s Real-Time Visualization of Air Traffic Uses Global Sensors Network

by   |   October 19, 2012   |   1 Comment

Earlier this summer, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak was forced to admit that he had used federal funds for a four-day trip to Milan, Italy, with his wife. The revelation came after a member of the Malaysian parliament presented evidence Read More…