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Big Data, Big Governments, Big Business and Us

by   |   June 26, 2013   |   Leave a comment

In our quest to know as much as possible, at what point does the information we collect stop being benign and begin to get intrusive? The question applies as much to business as it does to revelations about the National Security Agency and the German census, Rajan Chandras writes. Read More…

Unstructured Data All Around Us? Not Quite

by   |   July 25, 2012   |   Leave a comment

Let’s not worry about how much unstructured data lies out there, and how fast it’s growing. It’s only the data pertaining to your corporate goals and strategy that matters. Most of the “big data” that pertains to you is not totally unstructured. And it can be tamed, writes Rajan Chandras. Read More…