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Courtesy of Jason Dorfman, CSAIL

Boston Joins Regional Race to Establish Big Data Hubs

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With big data quickly graduating from a buzzword to a business necessity, consortia made up of government, academia and industry are positioning themselves as hubs for data analytics and informatics research and development. On May 30, Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick, Read More…

DataSift Enriches Flow from Social Media Fire Hose

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Major enterprise companies are tuning in to what social media sentiment can say about their products, the market, and general sentiment. Standing in the middle of the social media streams are companies like DataSift, which provide a complete and enriched Read More…

IPO Aside, Facebook’s Long-Term Prospects Depend on Mining Unstructured Data

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Facebook’s stock slid after its initial public offering of $38 on May 18, closing at $32 on Wednesday. But the stock’s out-of-the-gate slide—and the onset of legal challenges that have hit the IPO process—are more of a reflection of Wall Street’s fixation on short-term gains and less a judgment on the long-term value of Facebook’s massive store of user-created unstructured data, according to veteran observers of technology IPOs. Read More…

First Insight Damascus

Crowdsourcing Speeds Satellite Monitoring of Syrian Crisis

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Tomnod, which was founded by four former University of California at San Diego doctoral students in 2010, has created a crowdsourcing user interface and machine learning analytical engine to more easily analyze the nearly six million square kilometers of satellite imagery taken every day, most of which would normally never be viewed by human eyes. The company’s user interface and analytical back end uses volunteers online to accurately and efficiently categorize that data, allowing the experts to focus their efforts when major events happen. Read More…

BigQuery's SQL-like interface is designed to make its searching capabilities more familiar for business intelligence veterans.

Google BigQuery Seeks to Lower Cost of Cloud-Based Analytics

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In introducing its BigQuery service, Google emphasized the small- and medium-sized businesses it says will benefit from a cloud-based analytics service. Companies already using the service during a trial period, like Claritics, which tracks the behavior of online gamers, and Read More…


Hadapt Builds Analytics Platform on Hadoop to Combine Old BI and New Big Data Approach

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Hadapt has created an analytical database platform based on Hadoop that looks to bridge the gap between decades of business intelligence (BI) experience and the growing need to analyze unstructured data. Hadapt’s “adaptive analytical platform” blends Hadoop, an open-source database technology built Read More… map of San Francisco

Livehoods Seeks to Unlock Local Wisdom in Cities Through foursquare Check-ins

by   |   May 15, 2012   |   1 Comment

  The four creators of have made a website that shows the character of different neighborhoods in large cities by using check in data from the social media app foursquare to train machine learning. The website highlights popular venues and ties Read More…

Open Data Center Alliance logo

Open Data Center Alliance Seeks Standards for Large Enterprise IT Shops

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The Open Data Center Alliance, whose 300 members spend more than $100 billion annually on IT services, software and hardware, has created a workgroup to establish what large enterprises will need from the big data industry. The alliance’s Data Services Read More…

The Herd It app asks players to characterize music they are listening to, and awards extra points if other players have the same answer.

The Value in a Facebook Game: Training Machines to Characterize Music Selections

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By enlisting thousands of social gamers with the Facebook app Herd It, engineers at the University of California at San Diego (UCSD) have created a game-powered machine learning system that replaces expensive experts with music lovers having fun to train Read More…