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How Autometrics Built a Demand Sensing Model with Hundreds of Datasets

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With a product that costs thousands of dollars to make, market and sell, automotive companies need every possible insight into the whims of potential customers. A company called Autometrics has built a business around sensing demand for automakers by tracking Read More…

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New OpenPOWER Consortium Looks to Innovate For Future Data Centers

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On Aug. 6, Google and IBM announced a new open development alliance based around IBM’s POWER microprocessors. The two tech giants, along with graphics processor maker NVIDIA, network hardware company Mellanox and Taiwanese server manufacturer Tyan, are founding the OpenPOWER Read More…

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Stream Processing Poised for Boost from Internet of Things

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Of big data’s famously challenging three Vs—volume, variety, and velocity—it’s velocity that is poised for an enormous breakout from a glut of information generated by the Internet of things. Soon, sensors on everything from cell phones to refrigerators will be Read More…

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Advanced Analytics Adoption Still Low, an Opportunity To Get Ahead

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Enterprises are still moving slowly to adopt predictive and advanced analytics systems, so companies looking for an advantage may be able to find one by turning their organizations away from decisions based on gut feelings and towards those based on Read More…

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The Evolution of the Enterprise Data Warehouse, Starring Hadoop

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Major data warehouse vendors have begun to market and ship Hadoop appliances, opening a bridgehead for the open source project and other new technologies to be a part of the enterprise data architecture of the future. In the process, companies Read More…

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Data Quality Managers Learn to Market Benefits to Win Over Executives

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CAMBRIDGE, Mass.—Data comes in all shapes, sizes and formats and from all parts of a business. But sooner or later that data is going to come in contact with a human, and humans— even data professionals—are imperfect and illogical. At Read More…

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Chief Data Officers: Culture Change a High Data Management Hurdle

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At the Chief Data Officer Forum at the Sloan School of Management, it was clear as attendees swapped stories and strategies that no two chief data officers have the same job description. What they do share are challenges such as winning buy-in from business leaders on issues like data sharing. Read More…


Industry Group Finds Enterprise Search Tool to Match Business Process

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The Technology Services Industry Association, or TSIA, offers a wide variety of content to its members in the technology industry. From best practices research and benchmarking studies to webinars and conference materials, a large piece of what the TSIA’s members Read More…

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Reports of the Enterprise Data Warehouse’s Death Are Premature

by   |   June 19, 2013   |   2 Comments

The enterprise data warehouse isn’t dead just yet. Bjarne Berg, co-founder of the business intelligence consultancy Comerit, said, 99 percent of Fortune 500 companies are still using some kind of enterprise data warehouse (EDW). That places EDWs firmly in the Read More…

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Land O’ Lakes Analytics Platform Sows Sales Growth with Farmers

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Land O’ Lakes saw an opportunity to create a software product that would help growers buy the best seeds, and help its WinField unit and partners sell them to farmers. CIO Barry Libenson recounts the process that led to the analytics system’s implementation and rollout. Read More…