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Hadoop Virtualization by VMware Makes Idle Compute Cycles Available for Analytics

by   |   August 15, 2012   |   Leave a comment

Bolstered by a series of low-profile corporate acquisitions, an innovative project at virtualization specialist VMware has resulted in a tantalizingly different take on the open-source Hadoop analytics platform. Read More…

Single File System Supercomputer Cluster Fuels Climate Research in the U.K.

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A computing-intensive advanced climate research project at Rutherford Appleton Laboratory is powered by an innovative 8.5 petabyte single file structure parallel storage cluster, one of the largest such clusters in the world. Read More…

Esri’s GIS Data-Driven Maps and Visualizations Move to Cloud, Microsoft Office

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Esri is highlighting its updated analysis tools at a user conference, including ArcGIS Online, a service that allows users to collaborate using geospatial data, and Esri Maps for Microsoft Office, both major major moves for the 43-year-old company. Read More…

Tram station in Rabat, Morocco

Data Driving Transportation System Changes in IBM Smarter Cities Program

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Rabat, Morocco is working on revamping its transportation network as part of the IBM Smarter Cities initiative.The project is part of a three-year challenge grant program in which cities around the world compete to be among the 100 winners for the company’s pro bono consulting evaluations and recommendations. Read More…

Chesapeake Bay fishing boat

How a Computing Grid of 2 Million PCs Make Researchers’ Data Load Lighter

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The World Community Grid, an IBM project made up of two million PCs belonging to 600,000 volunteers and making up the second-largest such grid, speeds up research into cancer, vaccines and the effects of human activity on the Chesapeake Bay watershed. Read More…