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SAP’s SmartOps Acquisition Signals Move to Add Demand Sensing to HANA for Supply Chain Management

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An announcement last week from ERP giant SAP arguably marks the coming of age of an analytics technology generally credited with improving the statistical forecast error of product demand forecasts by 30 to 40 percent—at least, in specific, generally consumer-facing Read More…

Somerville Mass photo blizzard 9 Feb 2013

GE Analytics System for Utilities Integrates Diverse Datasets to Pinpoint Power Outages

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Using a wide variety of data sources—including government-sourced weather data, grid monitoring devices, smart meters, satellite imagery, and social media content—GE Digital Energy’s Grid IQ Insight analytics product aims to help utilities pinpoint the locations and causes of power outages faster than conventional techniques. Read More…

Visibility into Real-Time Sales Data Keeps Sandwiches Moving for Manufacturer Greencore

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Pre-made sandwiches are very popular in the U.K., but poor demand forecasts mean lost sales and wasted product. Greencore gets real-time sales data to provide visibility into its retail customers’ shelves, improving sales and reducing waste. Read More…

With HANA for ERP, SAP Promises Performance Power and Brings New ROI Calculations to the Enterprise

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Raising the stakes of its in-memory database and analytics technology, SAP said it would make available its in-memory HANA technology alongside—and incorporated within—the Business Suite ERP system for which the company is famous. Read More…

A Starbucks shop in Hong Kong. The coffee retailer plans to add hundreds of stores to China and other Asian countries as part of its expansion plan. Photo by Jackie Cheu via Wikipedia.

Data-Driven Location Choices Drive Latest Starbucks Surge

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Starbucks executives say their latest major expansion plan to add hundreds of stores globally will make better use of location analytics than an earlier effort begun before the 2008 recession. The profitable results of the past two years show its latest effort is working, the company asserts. Read More…

ETL Project Empowers Supply Chain BI at Medical Device Manufacturer

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Back in late 2010, a far-flung international sales network posed a business intelligence challenge for Exactech, a Gainesville, Fla.-based manufacturer of bone and joint restoration implants. The issue: building an accurate cross-business picture of unit sales by model, by country. Read More…

Effective Manufacturing Analytics Requires Cross-Functional Data Sharing

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In many manufacturing companies, a process known as Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) aims to tie together sales forecasts, manufacturing plans, raw material purchases and inventory management. The logic is simple: figure out what customers are likely to want to Read More…

Esri Acquisition of Geoloqi Aims to Unite Timing and Location Data

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Founded in 2010, start-up Geoloqi offered smartphone users and developers an interesting proposition: What could your app do, if it knew where it was? Esri has acquired the company in an effort to combine the “where” a smartphone user is with the “when” exactly that person is there. Read More…

Max Jolly of Dunnhumby

7 Best Practices for Retail Analytics Projects

by   |   October 2, 2012   |   1 Comment

The best retail analytics projects guide business decisions by providing compelling insights into consumer behavior. But because these projects are so strategic—and so challenging—experts in the field say it pays to follow these best practices. The benefits outweigh the costs—and should lead to profitable gains. Read More…

Starbucks has launched a project to enable customers buying goods using their smartphones using the Square payer application. Photo via Starbucks video.

A Potential Feast for Customer Analytics, Digital Wallets Face Challenges to Widespread Adoption

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Payments made from digital wallets carry a rich electronic signature: who you are, where you are, when you are making a transaction, and more promising rich analytics opportunities to connect retailers and consumers. But as a growing list of players—Starbucks, PayPal, Google, Discover, Wal-Mart—strive to make smartphones as good as cash, experts say there are several challenges industry must overcome to make digital wallets work. Read More…