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Advanced Planning Lessons from the Rough Rollout of

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As an object lesson in how not to launch a website intended for millions to conduct personal business, the federal government’s fiasco takes some beating. But could critical, data-based thinking, aided by modeling and simulation, have avoided such a Read More…

How Warehouse Simulation Informs Supply Chain Choices

by   |   October 17, 2013   |   1 Comment

At WIX Filters’ Master Distribution Center in Gastonia, N.C., automated robotic “shuttles” will soon be whipping along rows of densely-packed shelving, picking packs of filters to fulfill orders for the company’s automotive, agricultural and industrial customers. Already producing more than Read More…

Guide to B2B Pricing Analytics

by   |   September 11, 2013   |   3 Comments

Spend any time listening to vendors of B2B pricing analytics solutions, and their pitches can be compelling. Readily peppered with phrases such as “scientific analysis,” “big data,” and “profit optimization,” they paint an alluring picture of growing revenues and accelerating Read More…

L'Oreal Body Shop store in India

Inside L’Oréal’s Plans to Implement Global Supply Chain Analytics

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At cosmetics manufacturer L’Oréal, a pilot implementation of a supply chain collaboration initiative has been given the green light for a global rollout. Sourced from specialist vendor E2open, the introduction of a cloud-based collaboration platform underpinned by an analytics layer Read More…

B2B Firms Inject Data Analytics into Pricing, Where Instinct Has Ruled

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Executives relating their experiences deploying pricing analytics say cultural changes are more challenging than IT-related issues, as they battle to impose data-based insights on pricing decisions traditionally reached through more informal means. Read More…

Predictive Models Guide Fighter Jet Maintenance for RAF Squadrons

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In March 2011, aircraft from Britain’s Royal Air Force joined an international task force patrolling the skies above Libya, enforcing a United Nations-mandated no-fly zone as the regime of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi crumbled. Among the aircraft making up the Read More…

Apache oil rig in the North Sea

Underground Analytics: The Value in Predicting When an Oil Pump Fails

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If you don’t enjoy working under pressure, spare a thought for the global oil industry’s electrical submersible pumps (ESPs). Powered by a high‑voltage electric motor capable of operating at temperatures of up to 300°F, the world’s fleet of 130,000 or Read More…

Mobile BI, Analytics Tied to ERP Informs Faster Promotions for Field Sales Reps at Hillarys Blinds

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Hillarys Blinds, Britain’s largest made-to-measure blinds company, deployed mobile BI applications tied to its ERP system to accelerate its sales managers’ response to rivals’ promotions and consumer trends. Read More…

IBM Unveils Predictive Analytics for Machine, Equipment Maintenance

by   |   March 26, 2013   |   1 Comment

For manufacturers, utilities, transportation networks, and other asset-heavy businesses, the costs of unplanned equipment downtime can be extraordinarily expensive. In factories, there’s the cost of lost production output, which can range from lost profit to subsequent overtime payments as managers Read More…

Apache oil rig in the North Sea

Using a SaaS Application and Open Source BI to Track Oil Production in the North Sea

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Out in the North Sea, 110 miles east of the Scottish city of Aberdeen, lies the Forties Oil Field—the U.K.’s largest offshore oilfield, discovered as far back as 1970. Now operated by Houston-based Apache Corporation, output has doubled since Apache Read More…