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A screenshot from "One Race, Every Medalist Ever," a New York Times animated visualization show how record-holder Usain Bolt compares to past winners.

Telling Stories with Visualizations: Lessons from Data Journalists

by   |   September 25, 2012   |   Leave a comment

In recent years, journalists have been using data to tell stories in new ways.  From interactive data-driven visualizations that look at water supply shortages, building fire code violations or even wildfire danger, consumers of this information can often with a Read More…

Justin Morrow of the San Jose Earthquakes

On the Field, Pro Athletes Adopt Sports Analytics for Competitive Insights

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From golf to tennis, football to soccer, the influx of data analytics in professional sports is all encompassing. With every swing, every sprint and every stroke having the potential to affect the outcome of a game, a race or a Read More…

Up and Running, 1000 Genomes Project Shows Its Potential

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Since the National Institutes of Health unveiled it in March, the 1000 Genomes Project has grown its genomic database and demonstrated its potential by enabling researchers to validate a scientific discovery related to Alzheimer’s disease. Read More…