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Cloud Analytics Is Redefining IT and Business Roles

by   |   January 22, 2014   |   Leave a comment, an online-only home improvement retailer, recently implemented a cloud analytics application that will help focus sales efforts based on the lifetime value of customers.  The retailer turned to Birst Inc., a vendor of a cloud business intelligence platform, to Read More…

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4 Approaches for Integrating Social Media Data with Enterprise Systems

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When people are in the mood for a really good porterhouse in Minneapolis, they often head to Manny’s Steakhouse. Recently, some customers mentioned their meal wasn’t as good as usual. In many cases, a restaurant manager in that situation would Read More…

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How to Recruit Big Data Talent When You’re Not Google or Facebook

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As part of a recent study for the Grocery Manufacturers Association, Marcus Shingles, an analyst at Deloitte Consulting, surveyed seniors at some of the top university analytics programs about where they wanted to work.  The vast majority indicated a desire Read More…

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Integrating Social Analytics with CRM Uncovers New Customer Views

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When SugarCRM recently held a conference for its developers, partners, and customers, the Cupertino, Calif.-based software company was gratified to see tweets from attendees about “four quick CRM takeaways from #SugarCon” or “looking forward to bringing many of those solutions” Read More…

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Opposition Research: Sentiment Analysis as a Competitive Marketing Tool

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Much of the effort in customer sentiment analysis has focused on what companies can learn about how people feel about their own products, services, and conduct. Sleuthing out sentiment about competitors can provide additional insights. Read More…


Leading Retailers Harvest Big Data Analytics for Holiday Promotions

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Last holiday season, the La Jolla Group, a firm that manages surfing brands O’Neill and Rusty, and motocross brand Metal Mulisha, ran online sweepstakes to capture social graph data about its online customers. It turned out to be too much data too fast. This year will be different: much more focused on programs that yield tangible results. It’s a lesson other retailers exploring big data must learn. Read More…

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Analytics Converting Call Centers into Insight Centers

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For call centers, “handle time” – how long it takes to deal with a customer’s issue – is money. So it was a significant problem when Sprint found out that that one of its 45 call centers had a handle Read More…

Improving the Effectiveness of Customer Sentiment Analysis

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Is this tweet positive or negative? “If I break/lose my iPhone 4s, I’m seriously going to commit suicide.” If you say that comment doesn’t sound the least bit “negative,” it proves one thing—you’re not software. Misclassification strikes at the heart of the uneasiness over sentiment analysis: While companies want insights from social media, they debate the accuracy of available tools. Experts in this article discuss techniques to elevate the results. Read More…

Listening to the Web: Effective Sentiment Analysis Makes All Departments Customer Centric

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In an era when “green” and “sustainability” are feel-good buzzwords, it might be hard to imagine how anyone could be against an energy-saving light bulb. Migros, Switzerland’s largest retailer, didn’t have to imagine, however. They detected the discontent by eavesdropping Read More…