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mapr - converged data platform

Simplifying Container Deployments with a Converged Data Platform

by   |   April 4, 2017   |   Leave a comment

If you’re looking to get the most out of your hardware, then container-based virtualization is one technology to pursue. Read More…


Beacons in the Internet of Things (IoT)

by   |   April 3, 2017   |   1 Comment

Have you ever walked through a store and noticed your mobile phone lighting up with tempting suggestions to try on those shoes that just happen to be on sale? Surprise, you just got pinged by a beacon! Beacons are becoming Read More…

Driverless car

Augmenting Self-Driving Cars with Human Capabilities

by   |   March 31, 2017   |   2 Comments

In my last piece for Data Informed (read it here) I wrote about an MIT conference suggesting that fully autonomous vehicles are not just around the corner.  In the short run, then, we’ll be riding in increasingly smart vehicles, but Read More…

Beware Workforce Vendors Using Predictive Workforce Language, But Offering Non-Predictive Solutions

by   |   March 30, 2017   |   Leave a comment

Talent Analytics, Corp. has a unique approach to workforce predictive analytics. At our firm, we measure success by how our projects quantifiably benefit the Line of Business. We watch it, track it and report success. Our algorithms get better and Read More…

Students in Rachel Schutt's class at Columbia created this visualization to show how different fields of expertise contribute to data science.

New Research Shows that Data Science in the UK is Flourishing

by   |   March 29, 2017   |   1 Comment

New research by Warwick Analytics shows that the number of data scientists in the UK looks to grow by around 50 percent in 2017. Read More…

Manufacturing equipment

Big Data’s Transformation of the Manufacturing Industry

by   |   March 28, 2017   |   Leave a comment

Modern industries are seeing huge impacts from big data and software analytics. And while many of these impacts have improved the overall efficiency and profitability of the manufacturing industry, big data itself can still be a bit difficult to understand, Read More…

What is Data Virtualization and Why Does It Matter?

by   |   March 27, 2017   |   1 Comment

Overall, data virtualization has enormous potential to help businesses become more agile as well as more focused as they make the transition to becoming intelligent, data-driven organizations. Read More…

How Big Data from Connected Assets Enables Better Decision Making

by   |   March 24, 2017   |   Leave a comment

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) should not be confused with the Internet of Things (IoT); they have completely different business implications and impact. IoT is consumer-based and works toward making your world a better place – by telling you Read More…

Concerns on the Rise About Data Being Used Against Customers

by   |   March 23, 2017   |   Leave a comment

As more data is collected about customers, there are more worries about the possibility that data may be used against them. Read More…

Driverless car

Getting Real About Autonomous Cars

by   |   March 22, 2017   |   Leave a comment

When will 50 percent of vehicles on US roads be fully autonomous? Discover why it’s not as soon as you may think. Read More…