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Artificial Intelligence: Expansion, Adoption and the Value for Business Intelligence

by   |   April 18, 2017   |   Leave a comment

According to Mark Cuban, “The world’s first trillionaires are going to come from somebody who masters AI.” And as we continue to encounter stories and predictions about AI, we’re seeing how it will fundamentally change a variety of industries on Read More…

Why Data Democratization Is Such a Game-Changer In Our Big Data World

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Data democratization will be a game-changer for organizations that implement it properly with the right training and tools to allow their employees to quickly and easily extract powerful business meaning from the data. Read More…

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NVTC Capital Data Summit Brings Industry Leaders Together to Discuss the Future of Big Data

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The explosion of information over the past several years has led to many new opportunities and challenges for businesses and governments. As organizations learn to analyze and interpret data to promote new discovery, understanding, and enhanced decision-making, sharing knowledge across Read More…

APIs Bring Unprecedented Levels of Enterprise Interoperability to Digital Asset Management Systems

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The burden of owning, maintaining, and managing company digital assets has often been the domain of the marketing or creative team. This makes sense, given that the marketing team is responsible for creating strategic marketing campaigns that use a variety Read More…

University of Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business (Chicago campus)

What Is the Most Underutilized Trend in Data Analytics? Q&A with Ken Kelley

by   |   April 12, 2017   |   1 Comment

Read this insightful discussion of the state of statistics in today’s big data world and discover the benefits of the MSBA program available at the Mendoza School. Read More…

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Applying Bayes Theorem to a Big Data World

by   |   April 11, 2017   |   5 Comments

Bayes Theorem is an effective technique for classifying data in real-time and also for predicting future behavior based on historical results. Read More…

What Is Metadata? A Simple Guide to What Everyone Should Know

by   |   April 10, 2017   |   2 Comments

Quite simply, metadata is data that describes other data. Read More…

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Spring is Here: Time to Clean Up Your Databases

by   |   April 7, 2017   |   Leave a comment

With the warmer-than-usual temperatures around most of the country, I think it’s safe to say that spring is on its way. This time of year tends to get a lot of attention for spring cleaning—which can be a good reminder Read More…


How Blockchain Technology Could Revolutionize the Healthcare Industry

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Blockchain technology attracted a significant amount of digital ink during 2016, and was introduced into mainstream consciousness as the technology underpinning cryptocurrency—e.g., Bitcoin. There are numerous potential applications for blockchain and it is already being hailed as revolutionary to the Read More…

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Unlocking Business Value with Open Source GIS

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Open source is helping to resolve the disconnect between the lack of businesses using their geospatial data and the rapid growth of the GIS industry simply by making location-based data more accessible. Read More…