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Building Blocks

Build the Business Case for Analytics Products: 7 Best Practices

by   |   June 13, 2017   |   Leave a comment

These seven best practices for building the business case for analytics products will put you on the right path toward creating something that people will be attracted to and use. Read More…

The One Thing that Makes a Great Data Leader

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The ability to build trusted relationships is a crucial skill set of any successful data leader. Read More…

What the Shift to Streaming Data Means for Enterprises in 2017

by   |   June 9, 2017   |   Leave a comment

Should we pursue each new data project as a unique discrete effort, or find an approach with greater scalability? Read More…

Manufacturing equipment

How Can Manufacturers Use Machine Learning Today?

by   |   June 8, 2017   |   2 Comments

Manufacturers specifically have been slow to incorporate machine learning into their daily practices. However, there are several areas, particularly in after-sales service, where machine learning could positively impact manufacturers’ bottom line and the overall customer experience. Read More…


BI and Big Data: Elegant Blend or Frankenstein Architecture?

by   |   June 7, 2017   |   1 Comment

Customers looking for Big Data success have two choices: Use the newer tools, or wait and see if the older ones ever catch up, despite vested interests in maintaining the status quo. Read More…

A screenshot from "One Race, Every Medalist Ever," a New York Times animated visualization show how record-holder Usain Bolt compares to past winners.

Object Storage and IoT’s Data Space Race

by   |   June 6, 2017   |   Leave a comment

Today, traffic cameras, body cams, motion sensors and more are everywhere. Internet of Things (IoT) devices are everywhere, generating more and more data. Read More…

cloud computing

Don’t Miss out on the Cloud’s Potential: Three Key Milestones for Enterprises

by   |   June 5, 2017   |   Leave a comment

The golden age of plugging-in on-premises servers and calling it a day are coming to an end. Moving a company’s data center to the cloud is an important milestone in transforming a business into a digital enterprise. Read More…

ecommerce example where three electronic retailers (eBay, Amazon, Google) sell the same anti-wrinkle cream with slightly different pictures, quantities and description

Data with Relationships Yields Insights Before Analytics

by   |   June 2, 2017   |   Leave a comment

Data’s utility is not rooted in amassing the largest quantities of data; it’s predicated on understanding how data relates–both to itself and to business objectives–in a timeframe that fits the speed of business. Read More…


How to Tackle the Consumerization of IT? Ask Alexa

by   |   June 1, 2017   |   1 Comment

Simply put, if IT departments don’t learn to use consumerization of IT to their benefit, they run a real risk of becoming irrelevant. Read More…

self service checkout

The Road to Modern Business-Led Data Preparation – Are You Ready for Self-Service Analytics?

by   |   May 31, 2017   |   Leave a comment

How data marketplaces are superseding ETL as the right approach for data preparation. Read More…