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Don’t Leave Small Data Behind in a Total Data Management Strategy

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Rather than just amassing data, organizations are finding ways to process, leverage, analyze and mine this vast resource and turn it into actionable intelligence. In examining this trend, attention has focused on big data, the process of collecting and analyzing Read More…

Effective Analytics Projects Require Blend of 3 Approaches, in Concert

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When considering an approach to a big data analytics project, decision-makers often tend to focus on which of the three major techniques best fits their use case: an ad-hoc approach, batch analytics, or real-time analytics. Each of these approaches has Read More…

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Deloitte Analytics Leader on 6 Steps to Successful Analytics Projects

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John Lucker’s job as an analytics leader at Deloitte Consulting is to help executives at large companies understand what advanced analytics can do and how to manage the organizational changes that implementing analytics systems entail. On this episode of the Read More…

Focus On: Health Care Analytics

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Focusing on applications and use cases of analytics in the U.S. health care industry provides a clear window into the opportunities and challenges for big data analytics. The datasets involved are large and diverse. The business processes must follow important regulations. And the people who manage those processes have years of specialized training. Read More…

The Benefits of Agile Analytics Development and How to Do It Right

by   |   November 22, 2013   |   2 Comments

Agile analytics development goes beyond the famous Agile Manifesto for software projects. It requires a mindset and management approach that allows for fast failures and builds consensus quickly, writes Anand Krishnaswamy of ThoughtWorks in this article.
Read More…

Correlating Weather and Location Data to Score and Manage Asset Risks

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Risk managers and business continuity planners have long watched the weather for signs of trouble. In recent years, the proliferation of weather and other datasets has created opportunities to correlate those signs with the location of business assets. On this Read More…

SAS Medical Chief on How Analytics Assess Health Care Costs, Quality

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Transparency in prices for health care goods and services is one of the big challenges in making health care more affordable. The costs of medical services are often not clear, and it is difficult to know how the costs of Read More…

White House Cites Big Data Analytics Gains, Need for More Investment

by   |   November 14, 2013   |   Leave a comment

In March 2012, the Obama Administration announced it was investing $200 million in big data projects to advance scientific research in areas like health care, energy, and the environment. On November 12, the White House came back with an update, Read More…

The Rise of R Analytics Programming Language for Business

by   |   November 11, 2013   |   7 Comments

A recent survey by Rexer Analytics found that the average data miner uses five different software tools and R, the open source statistical programming language, is used by 70 percent of them. R is on the rise as a business Read More…

Focus On: Operational Analytics

by   |   November 8, 2013   |   1 Comment

Operational Analytics enable you to run your company more efficiently. These applications help decision-makers identify process bottlenecks, map where costs really occur across an enterprise, and pinpoint potential savings. Use cases range from supply chain management – improving insights into Read More…