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Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

Data Brokers at Center of FTC’s “Do Not Track” Consumer Privacy Proposal

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The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently recommended “best practices” for protecting consumer privacy, but the recommendations may cramp the style of how some data collectors, from Facebook and Google, to data brokers, banks and retailers, do their business online. Read More…

metaLAYER visualization

Delv from metaLayer: Designed to Be a Data Visualization Tool for the Masses

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The democratization of insight is an emerging theme in big data. It’s not just experts who should be able to derive meaning from large and growing data sets—everyone deserves a chance to experiment with them and share what they learn. Read More…

NASA - Arctic Ice Cap

Data Visualization: The Dwindling Arctic Ice Cap

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Editor’s note: This story is part of a series talking to computer scientists, designers and artists about their data visualization projects. If you have a suggestion for a data visualization to feature, please contact me at The visual impact Read More…

White House

Obama Administration Big Data Initiative Calls All Hands on Deck

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The Obama Administration’s announcement that it is investing $200 million in a big data initiative reads like a checklist for leaders of advanced organizations who want to derive ever-more sophisticated insights from data sets growing in size and complexity by Read More…