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Siri Points the Way to Analytics-Driven Enterprise Assistants

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Imagine this: you’re in a meeting, and your phone buzzes to indicate that you have an important call. You excuse yourself to take the call and a synthesized voice lets you know that a judge just handed down a surprise Read More…

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Analytics Lessons from Spy Work: Machine Learning Applied to Unstructured Data

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When it comes to extracting valuable information from vast seas of unstructured data, the U.S. government’s intelligence services have been there, done that. Now the vendors that supply data analytics tools to the government are bringing their expertise to the commercial sector as big data becomes established in the business world. Read More…

The vision of unified information access: a clear "single pane of glass view" on all an organization's data. Image of Lisbon Oceanarium via Wikipedia.

Enterprise Search Vendors Target Unified Information Access

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Imagine looking through a single pane of glass at all enterprise data. That’s the vision of enterprise search: unified information access. While there is no one-size-fits-all technology for enterprise search–and you may not need a single view–companies offer a variety of approaches to accessing data stored in multiple places for analysis. Read More…

Analytics and the Drive for New Opportunities in Micromarket Targeting

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Sometimes good things come in small packages. In business-to-business sales, big data tools and techniques are digging up veritable truffles in the form of micromarkets. Running the right algorithms on a variety of data makes it possible to refocus sales efforts on the market slices with the most potential—often with dramatic results, researchers from McKinsey & Co. report. Read More…

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Big Pharma Tracks Competition with Semantic Web Tools

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When a pharmaceutical company moves a new drug from phase 2 testing to phase 3, the development can have big implications for a rival company’s plans. Spotting this valuable nugget of information in an obscure journal or news article amid Read More…

NASA Applies Text Analytics to Airline Safety

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How’s this for a data analytics challenge? Consider the thousand or so variables that an operating jetliner records every second. Add reports written by pilots and others in the air traffic system. Multiply that by nearly 10 million flights a Read More…

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Foursquare, Vinspin Unleash Hadoop-based Recommendation Engines

by   |   July 13, 2012   |   1 Comment

Ever gotten a bum steer on a wine recommendation? It’s pretty common. California startup VinoEno is aiming to eliminate human error in wine recommendations by using analytics to process a large consumer preference data set. In short, they’ve developed a Read More…

Splunk Real-Time Analytics Pull Insights from Machine Data

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The world’s generating mountains of machine data: Web servers, database systems, networking gear and telecommunications systems relentlessly log every activity. And there’s gold in them thar hills. For Web-based companies, mining that gold is as much a necessity as an Read More…