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Profitable Lessons from TomTom’s Brush with a Data Privacy Controversy

by   |   December 20, 2013   |   4 Comments

BRUSSELS – Every two minutes, TomTom navigation devices send their current location, down to a few feet, to the European company’s servers. That equals 5 billion bits of data a day, a grand total of 50 billion kilometers and 7 Read More…

EU Officials: Privacy Law Will Force Business to Embed Data Protection

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BRUSSELS—What’s a data subject? Not what the average person likely thinks. In fact, the average person is a data subject in the parlance of imminent new European privacy requirements that, if enacted, will create the world’s toughest regulations governing data Read More…

Data Privacy Leaders Grapple with Public Concerns, Changing Conditions

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BELLEVUE, Wash.—What do global spymasters have in common with Internet shoe merchants? Today, both must worry about the privacy considerations of the reams of electronic data they collect and manage—and it’s an increasingly difficult task. Related Stories 7 best privacy Read More…

Felice Frankel illustration

Clarity and Simplicity of Purpose Drive the Best Data Visualizations

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Make me see the point of your work. That was the challenge posed by MIT researcher Felice Frankel to more than 1,000 professionals and academics at the Oct. 19 concluding session of VisWeek, the annual conference devoted to data visualizations. Read More…

Microsoft Researcher: Effective Visualizations Require User Trials to Test Design Choices

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A picture is still worth a thousand words—but it has to be the right picture. And the most effective way to ascertain which visualization is best is to test it with live subjects—using real people performing real world activities, a leading Microsoft researcher told attendees at the VisWeek conference in Seattle. Read More…