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How UPS Trains Front-Line Workers to Use Predictive Analytics

by   |   January 31, 2013   |   1 Comment

The payoff from investments in predictive and prescriptive analytics comes when front-line workers use the findings to make better business decisions. Companies that hire data scientists to seek new patterns in corporate data also need a workforce with a deeper Read More…

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Health Care Analytics That Get Results Involve Doctors in Developing Data Tools

by   |   December 13, 2012   |   Comments Off on Health Care Analytics That Get Results Involve Doctors in Developing Data Tools

The key challenge in adopting analytics in the health care industry is not all that different from what line of business managers in other industries face. Successful health care analytics programs require care providers to get involved with identifying the right questions and developing useful tools for exploring data. Read More…

Rethink Your Org Chart for Big Data Analytics Teams

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Understand the difference between a traditional analytics team and one that’s set up to exploit big data by comparing bank tellers to orchestra musicians. Traditional teams are the tellers, taking users requests and handing out results. Orchestras employ a core group of musicians, but the conductor has to assemble teams to play a different pieces. The results depend on the musicians’ skills, knowledge and experience working together. Read More…

Three Questions to Ask About Data Privacy When Managing Big Data

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Companies that are delving into big data look for opportunities to break down organizational silos in search of new insights. But in doing so, it is important to think through how data handling practices need to change. Asking the right questions now about how employees use data, how they manage new data-based products and services and how customers expect their personal information will be handled will put enterprises in a better position to protect customer privacy and corporate trade secrets. Read More…

4 Rules for Planning Big Data Projects

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Unlike traditional business intelligence investments, the best practices for planning big data projects are evolving, along with new tools and analytics techniques. Here are four ways such projects are different from traditional BI. Read More…

A Prescription for Better Analytics at Atrius Health

by   |   July 19, 2012   |   Leave a comment

Atrius Health, a nonprofit medical alliance serving 1 million people in Massachusetts, consolidated its fragmented, technology-focused analytics function and put a doctor in charge. The result: a more collaborative team whose work, including the investments it makes in new tools, is more closely aligned with business needs and strategy. Read More…

NetBase: Natural Language Processing to Decipher Customers’ Social Media Sentiment

by   |   June 8, 2012   |   Leave a comment

Click on almost any Twitter hashtag or trending topic and you’re awash in opinions about consumer products, companies and celebrities. Marketers, customer service reps and product developers want to make sense out of these references. They’re finding some answers with the help of text analytics software from vendors such as Mountain View, Calif.-based NetBase Solutions. Read More…

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They Know Who You’re Voting For: How Big Data Redefines Political Campaigns’ Microtargeting

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Your ballot is secret. But thanks to big data, political candidates, including President Barack Obama and his presumed challenger, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, can predict with ever greater accuracy who you’re likely to vote for, or whether you’re undecided. And Read More…

Building Your Big Data Team

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Chances are, if you’re staffing up now to meet the challenge of big data, you’re going to end up stealing talent from your competitors. But that will get you only so far. Demand for all manner of data experts is Read More…