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Analytics Open New Possibilities for Multiple Sclerosis Researchers

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It’ll take more than world-class researchers and deep-pocketed pharmaceutical companies to find a cure for multiple sclerosis. According to Dr. Murali Ramanathan, data analytics “is the very first and earliest step of drug discovery” for debilitating diseases like MS. Ramanathan Read More…

Text Analytics Yields Employee Sentiment Insights for HR Executives

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For years, companies have been collecting and analyzing feedback from their employees to curb attrition, boost morale and gauge employee satisfaction. But gathering and parsing this unstructured data is a time-consuming and labor intensive undertaking. For one thing, the sources Read More…

In HR Function, Analytics Need to Delve Beneath Attrition Data

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HR professionals commonly examine attrition rates—but such data doesn’t tell the whole story of why valuable workers leave. Mary Ann Downey, an HR metrics consultant, discusses common mistakes HR leaders make when examining a workforce’s comings and goings, and how to avoid the same pitfalls. Read More…

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5 Tips for Retaining Analysts with Data Science Skills

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Studies and surveys confirm that finding enough talented people is among the toughest challenges facing managers looking to implement big data analytics strategies. That’s why it’s important for managers to focus on the second most important aspect of bringing these Read More…

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Predictive Analytics Uncover New Incentives for Managing Sales Teams

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For years, organizations have lived by the credo that the more carrots you dangle in front of a sales team, the more products and services they’ll be incented to sell. So you can imagine GlobalEnglish’s surprise when the California-based maker Read More…

The Potential and Challenges of Workforce Analytics

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For The Results Companies, finding thousands of contact center operators every year to fill positions scattered at 14 locations around the world was “a little daunting at times,” recalls Geri Green, chief marketing officer of the Dania Beach, Fla.-based business Read More…

SiSense Aims to Bring Analytics Tools to Cost-Conscious Users

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Not every business can afford to a data analytics team to do sophisticated analyses. SiSense is among a growing set of offerings seeking to make analytics tools more accessible to business users. Read More…

New York Mayor Bloomberg announces police analytics system

New York Police and Microsoft Turn Crime Prevention Analytics Into Service Offering

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Many businesses dream of turning their everyday data analytics tools into revenue-generating machines. So it was a notable development when the New York City police parlayed its crime prevention analytics project into a money-making venture with Microsoft. Read More…