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Users Cite Retention, Efficiency Benefits of Compensation Analytics

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For years, companies have relied on high-priced consultants to gain access to proprietary data reporting on how much competitors are paying their employees. But the fees charged by consultants to conduct salary surveys forced many businesses to depend on hearsay Read More…

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GridGain, ScaleOut Develop In-Memory Accelerators for Hadoop

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SAS and SAP are teaming up to create in-memory computing tools that help companies process data more quickly, and IBM is promoting its own in-memory accelerator for the DB2 database. As tech giants continue to develop their in-memory offerings, smaller Read More…

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SuccessFactors Tool Highlights Workforce Analytics Data Visualizations

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Making sense of complex workforce data typically requires a combination of high-priced analytics talent and veteran HR professionals who can translate data about workforce activities into trends and calls to action for business leaders. But that’s about to change as Read More…

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6 Tactics for Building and Sustaining a Data Analytics Team

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Joshua Sullivan, a data scientist at Booz Allen Hamilton, says effective data science teams blend intellectual curiosity, storytelling skills, domain expertise and the talent to work with data visualizations like the chord diagram pictured here. Read More…

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Data Firm Uses Development Tools To Bypass Shortage of Hadoop Skills

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Lotame, a company that provides publishers and marketers with a data management platform uses Hadoop to manage hundreds of terabytes of audience data. Faced with rising demand for applications to analyze this data for clients, the company found using development tools was a way to get past a shortage of developers with Hadoop skills. Read More…

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Three Traits That Characterize Workforce Analytics Success

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It’s no coincidence that since rolling out its proprietary workforce analytics system, San Francisco-based executive search firm Riviera Partners has cut its search time for candidates by a third and has increased revenue per head by 52 percent over the Read More…

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An Argument for a Data Science Code of Professional Conduct

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Michael Walker sees a professional code of conduct for data scientists as a necessary step in the progress of the analytics field–as a means to prevent data abuses and minimize personal liability. Read More…

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5 Issues to Consider When Adopting Workforce Analytics

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When it came time for The Results Companies to select a workforce analytics application to help identify talent for its worldwide contact centers, the business process outsourcing firm was faced with one of two choices: either select a robust, on-premise Read More…

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Hadoop Sandboxes Offer Experimental Spaces for Analytics Modelers

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Alpine Data Labs promises to help enterprises take advantage of predictive analytics. However, before a company can benefit from one of Alpine Data Labs’ platforms, the San Mateo, Calif.-based software provider must first test the performance of “billions of rows Read More…

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Hadoop Project Falcon: Data Lifecycle Management for App Developers

by   |   June 27, 2013   |   1 Comment

For Hadoop to finally make it out of the sandbox and into a real production environment, organizations need the right tools to manage and control Hadoop clusters. That’s a considerable challenge given the vast amount and variety of data Hadoop Read More…