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IT Services Firm ICC Builds Its Own Training Ground for Analytics Talent

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With clients in several data-hungry sectors such as healthcare, utilities and retail, Information Control Corp. (ICC), an IT services company based in Columbus, Ohio, has a rapidly expanding data analytics and business intelligence practice. But ICC, even with its nearly Read More…

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Large Enterprises Moving Ahead with Big Data Plans Despite Talent Shortage, Survey Shows

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The vast majority of Fortune 1000 companies are looking outward to find workers with the necessary skills to run their big data initiatives, according to a new survey of top enterprise managers by New Vantage Partners. Read More…

Texas Utility Oncor Launches Smart Grid Project with IBM

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Oncor Electric Delivery announced an ongoing smart grid project with IBM designed to monitor in real-time the company’s more than 118,000 miles of transmission and distribution lines, giving it the ability to detect and respond to power failures more quickly and to deliver energy more efficiently. Read More…

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U.C. Irvine Offers Predictive Analytics Online Certificate Program

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Responding to growing interest in predictive analytics from the business community, while also acknowledging the constraints on busy professionals seeking to acquire data-analysis skills, the University of California at Irvine has launched an online-based predictive analytics certificate program. Read More…

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Gartner: Big Data Could Add 6 Million Jobs to U.S. Economy

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Big data means big job opportunities for IT pros with the right skills, according to research firm Gartner. The firm projects close to 4.4 million jobs globally and close to 2 million in the U.S. by 2014, with additional non-IT jobs generated, the firm said. Read More…


Greenplum Chorus Brings Social Network Features to Collaborate on Analytics

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For analytics to be leveraged effectively, they must be effectively communicated and presented to business stakeholders who can act on the knowledge—preferably in real-time. EMC’s Greenplum division is trying to help fill that need with Chorus, an analytical productivity platform that includes social network features to enable collaboration around the data as it’s being collected. Read More…

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INFORMS to Offer Analytics Professional Certification

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The shortage of data analytics professionals forecast for the next few years means enterprises may be hiring people without knowing for sure if they can do the job. But the folks at INFORMS hope the organization’s new certification program will be the industry’s proverbial gold seal of approval for analytics professionals. Read More…

IBM’s Big Data University, Other Programs Seek to Address Analytics Skills Gap

by   |   October 4, 2012   |   4 Comments

Many corporations have taken it upon themselves to teach data analytics skills, but none has been as ambitious as IBM, which launched Big Data University last year with help from a growing list of other companies in the field. So far, more than 42,000 students from around the world have registered for cloud-hosted classes. Read More…

Greg Girard program director of IDC Retail Insights

Report: How Retailers Can Monetize Four Big Data Streams

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Retailers have an unprecedented opportunity to harness POS and other data sources using analytics to drive their businesses forward, if they can overcome key change management challenges, according to a new report by Greg Girard and IDC Retail Insights. Read More…

Jeanne Harris on Building an Analytical Culture for Big Data

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Building an analytical culture means more than hiring a cadre of skilled analysts, says Jeanne G. Harris. In this interview, Harris, a senior executive research fellow at the Accenture Institute for High Performance talks about what it takes to make analytics matter throughout an organization. Read More…