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Walgreens Customer Loyalty Program Key Aspect of Drugstore Chain’s Revamp

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Walgreens, the largest drugstore chain in the U.S., made big data headlines in mid-September when it launched a new national customer loyalty card, Balance Rewards, the first in the 111-year-old company’s history. Did the 8,300-store chain jump into the game too late, or did it find an opportune moment to maximize the impact of its big-data strategy? Read More…

Industry, Policymakers Still Seek Path on ‘Do Not Track’ Consumer Data Privacy Standard

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In the final weeks of 2012, the debate over establishing a global “Do Not Track” standard, which would establish a way for individuals to control how data brokers, marketers, and other online advertising networks use their personal data, has reached Read More…

Shane Green CEO of Personal

To Protect Privacy, Personal Builds Business Model to Trade on Consumers’ ‘Small Data’

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Shane Green co-founded Personal, which has developed a model for online security that focuses on individuals rather than on the enterprise as consumers and policy makers express concerns about data privacy. Green likes to say his model is concerned with small data rather than big data. Read More…

Privacy Analytics De-Identifies Personal Data to Aid Health Care Researchers

by   |   November 21, 2012   |   1 Comment

Privacy Analytics, a privacy software company based in Ottawa, Ontario, is at the forefront of an emerging industry built around the growing need to de-identify large troves of personal data for the purposes of analysis. The company’s focus now is on health care, but the company’s technology is equally applicable to financial and insurance industries. Read More…

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Lawmakers Disappointed in Results from Data Brokers Privacy Inquiry

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Members of Congress examining consumer privacy policies are dissatisfied with the responses they received from nine so-called data broker companies after issuing letters requesting additional information and transparency regarding their data-collecting activities. Read More…

SAP Expands Its Analytics Offerings, Builds Bridges to Hadoop

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SAP is making a strong push into the big data marketplace with a flurry of new offerings, including an analytics software bundle that yokes its BusinessObjects business intelligence solutions with Sybase IQ, its high-speed analytics database. The company also announced it has built bridges between its database-bound systems and the popular Hadoop open-source distributed file system. Read More…

With Privacy at Issue, More Scrutiny for Treatment of Online Consumer Data

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The notion of online privacy is hardly a new one. But these days, guidelines pertaining to it are evolving almost as quickly as data-gathering technology itself. As more and more companies harness the power of information collection and analysis to boost revenues, the pushback has intensified from regulatory bodies and public advocacy groups aiming to restrict the kinds of information to be collected and ways in which that information can be used in the marketplace. Read More…

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Price Optimization Firms Bring Dynamic Pricing to Retail Aisles

by   |   September 11, 2012   |   1 Comment

Individualized pricing methods once primarily associated with buying airline tickets have come to the supermarket aisles, as well as to the shelves of brick-and-mortar and online retail stores. Understanding the product preferences of individual shoppers allows retailers to create prices and special offers tailored to that specific consumer’s purchase patterns. Read More…

Guess MicroStrategy iPad app

MicroStrategy Builds Out Hadoop, Mobile Links to Business Intelligence Tools

by   |   August 14, 2012   |   1 Comment

MicroStrategy’s latest business intelligence software release touts a more user-friendly version of its data visualization module, incorporates support for Hadoop and Hive, and strengthens its mobile capabilities. Read More…

Ebooks Maker Coliloquy Adapts Plot Twists to Reader Analytics

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While a hardcopy book is like any other static packaged good on a store shelf or website, Coliliquy’s ebooks create a variable reader experience informed by user analytics. Read More…