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Government Policies on Data Privacy Targeted by ACLU of Massachusetts

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Three and a half years ago, when Kade Crockford first began working part-time at the ACLU of Massachusetts, the state’s local chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union, she was tasked with looking into the federal government’s  surveillance activities within Read More…

U.S. Internet Industry Leaders Want to See Common International Privacy Policies

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Executives from Yahoo, and Monster Worldwide said at an Internet Association trade group event that the global nature of online commerce calls for better alignment of different countries’ consumer data privacy policies. Read More…

Federal Data Transparency Legislation Revived with Bipartisan Backing

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The DATA Act’s passage would be an asset to companies who sell to the U.S. government, since it would enable complex data analytics by consolidating the actual dollar amounts being spent by individual agencies. It would also be a boon to public data watchdogs. Read More…

Real-Time Pricing Service Designed to Arm Retailers in ‘Showrooming’ Battles with Online Merchants

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In a service aimed at retailers battling online rivals, Dynamite Data’s proprietary technology serves up pricing and inventory information from millions of online “buy” pages–giving merchants a chance to combat the dynamic of consumers visiting a physical store to check out a product and then buy it online. Read More…

Chief Privacy Officer Profession Grows with Big Data Field

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When Harriet Pearson (pictured) was hired by IBM in November 2000 to be its first chief privacy officer, it was a headline-making event. Now that many data use cases are prevalent in business, the chief privacy officer ranks are growing with the largest professional group rising fast in just the past year. Read More…

Financial Data Reporting Standard Gets Little Use by Wall Street Analysts

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Wall Street analysts are not getting much use out of expensive financial data generated by the eXtensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL) platform, Columbia University researchers have found. Read More…

Jan Philipp Albrecht for feature

A European View of Consumer Data Privacy

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Jan Philipp Albrecht thinks citizens deserve to have their data protected and as a European Parliament member he recommended tightening policies to protection individuals’ privacy online. In an interview, Albrecht talks about his proposal and his views on data protection rules in both Europe and the U.S. Read More…

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Brick and Mortar Retailers Playing Catch Up on Big Data Analytics Strategies

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Industry leaders at the National Retail Federation conference said they are striving to create “omni-channel” experiences for consumers in person, at home and via mobile devices, all informed by data analytics. Executives acknowledge they have a lot of work to do to achieve the vision. Read More…

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FTC Updates Online Privacy Rules for Collecting Data on Children

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The Federal Trade Commission expanded the reach of rules regarding the online privacy for children under age 13 on December 19 to include smartphones and other mobile devices, but stopped short of further limiting the activities of app stores and Read More…

Federal Trade Commission Launches Investigation into Data Brokers’ Practices

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The FTC delivered 15-page administrative subpoenas to nine data brokers requiring specifics as to how they collect and use personal information and whether each company allows consumers to access and correct their individual records. The move adds to the questions members of Congress are asking about the collection of personal information online. Read More…