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Data Integration Tools Used to Bolster BPM Service for Debt Collection

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While business process management has not traditionally been discussed in the same breath as data and analytics, times are changing. In the old days, BPM was mostly about connecting and integrating processes. Sure, there was some hand-off of data, but Read More…

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What Big Data Means to BPM: More Event Sensors, Process Simulations

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New data sources mean new opportunities to analyze processes more deeply and to simulate potential improvements in business process management (BPM), says Nathaniel Palmer, a veteran practitioner and author. In this interview, Palmer discusses how trends in the field are influencing BPM implementations. Read More…

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APM in the Data Center: Two Systems Management Analytics Use Cases

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Keeping IT operations humming smoothly at a defense contractor and serving up medical records for thousands of doctors are different challenges. But they are two use cases for the behind-the-scenes tools used to monitor the performance of these IT processes: Read More…

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Data Modeling Tools Use Visualization Techniques

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Unprecedented data growth, compliance and regulatory challenges and the need for speed in business has made the role of data governance ever more critical. On one hand, a proliferation of regulations and standards creates challenges for data governance, especially when Read More…

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APM Adoption Grows As Analytics Applied to End-User Experiences Gain Traction

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Industry analysts say that IT organizations are using the marriage of analytics and APM to shift their emphasis, from system-level components to gauging the responsiveness of applications to end-users. Dennis Drogseth (pictured) offers insights into several APM vendors. Read More…

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Energy Firm EDP Renewables Deploys BPM System to Maintain Equipment, Collect Unstructured Data

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When your business is scattered to the four winds, keeping track of routine tasks can be a management headache.  That was the challenge facing EDP Renewables North America, with an ongoing need to efficiently schedule and perform both routine maintenance Read More…

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Analysts: BPM Can Make Big Data Analytics Easier to Adopt, Manage

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Industry analysts point to business process management (BPM) as a means to streamline the data handling process in big data analytics. Clay Richardson of Forrester is among those describing BPM as a business-friendly approach to the big data challenge that requires less hands-on help from IT. Read More…

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Visualizations Highlight Data for Improving Manufacturer’s Procurement Process

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AkzoNobel is the world’s largest paint and coatings company and a major producer of specialty chemicals.  Like many other large companies, AkzoNobel has done its best to document its processes with hopes of maintaining and improving quality and boosting efficiency. Read More…

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The Relevance of ETL in the Big Data Era

by   |   November 1, 2012   |   Leave a comment

The names of technology categories can evolve; it is the business problems organizations are working to address that matter. With growing volumes, variety and velocity of data to manage, and rising demand to glean insights from that data, consultants say that ETL-style tools work well for some adapting their existing analytics systems to new trends, while others will gravitate to tools that access data from the open-source Hadoop distributed file system. Read More…

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The State of ETL: Extract, Transform and Load Technology

by   |   October 8, 2012   |   1 Comment

ETL has come a long way in the nearly 20 years since it debuted as a concept in data warehousing. ETL, which stands for extract, transform and load, refers to the process for taking data from original sources—such as financial Read More…