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a BMW plant in Leipzig, Germany, shown in 2005.

Big Data Makes its Mark in Manufacturing

by   |   July 14, 2015   |   Leave a comment

Andrew Waycott of Factora discusses the fundamental changes that big data analytics is bringing to the manufacturing industry. Read More…

Use IoT Asset Management Data to Control Data Center TCO

by   |   July 10, 2015   |   Leave a comment

The growing significance of big data to corporate bottom lines has led many organizations to scrutinize the performance and TCO of the data center. Read More…

Diversity of Applications Keeps Data Analytics Growing

by   |   July 8, 2015   |   Leave a comment

Anil Kaul of Absolutdata writes that novel, innovative use cases for big data analytics across disparate industries ensures that adoption of data analytics technology and the IoT will continue to grow. Read More…

Emotion Data Spotlights the Balance Between Insight and Privacy

by   |   July 7, 2015   |   Leave a comment

Bernard Marr discusses computers that can read human emotion, the potential of the technology for business intelligence, and the implications for personal privacy. Read More…

Big Data Brings Big Change to Competitive Intelligence

by   |   July 6, 2015   |   Leave a comment

Big data is transforming many industries, including the often overlooked field of competitive intelligence, which is experiencing an influx of nontraditional players flush with data and information. Read More…

Data Visualization: Identifying Geographical Origins in Wikipedia Data

by   |   May 22, 2012   |   Leave a comment

Who has the strongest voice in the high-profile public forum of Wikipedia, and on which topics? The answer to that question depends on your address and your language. “No information is neutral or devoid of power-relations,” says Mark Graham of Read More…