At, Splunk’s Real-Time Analytics Pull Insights from Machine Data

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Illustration of a Splunk dashboard

Above, an illustration of the different kinds of data visualizations a Splunk user at an online commerce website might analyze.

The world’s generating mountains of machine data: Web servers, database systems, networking gear and telecommunications systems relentlessly log every activity. And there’s gold in them thar hills. For Web-based companies, mining that gold is as much a necessity as an opportunity. has been a purveyor of car pricing information since 1966. In 2006 the company transitioned to Web-only content delivery. The company’s core asset, its pricing data, was readily accessible to anyone—including illicit content scrapers.

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Like many information providers, had to balance the need to protect its data with the need to minimize the legal risks that come with blocking IP addresses. The company’s information security and legal departments were pulling in different directions.

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