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Crowdsourcing Speeds Satellite Monitoring of Syrian Crisis

by   |    May 21, 2012

Tomnod, which was founded by four former University of California at San Diego doctoral students in 2010, has created a crowdsourcing user interface and machine learning analytical engine to more easily analyze the nearly six million square kilometers of satellite imagery taken every day, most of which would normally never be viewed by human eyes. The company’s user interface and analytical back end uses volunteers online to accurately and efficiently categorize that data, allowing the experts to focus their efforts when major events happen. Read More…

“Techno QBert Texture,” by Patrick Hoesley, Creative Commons via Flickr

The Database Decision: A Guide

by   |    May 20, 2012

As your organization collects more data — and wants to make better use of the data it’s already acquiring — you now have options that stretch far beyond traditional databases. Your choice of database technology will be dictated by your project’s parameters: how much data, how fast it arrives, the analysis you’ll do and whether you’ll use that analysis operationally or for making strategic decisions. Here is a guide to help you evaluate your options. Read More…

The above illustration shows a Tableau Software visualization connected to SAP Business Warehouse running on HANA.

Data Visualization Tools Rise in the SAP Ecosystem

by   |    May 17, 2012

At the SAPPHIRE conference, leaders from SAP beat the loudest drums about their latest offerings in cloud computing, mobile applications and the performance of the HANA in-memory database. But an underlying theme of this year’s customer event is the rising value of data visualizations to present actionable insights to business decision-makers. Read More…