Kognitio CEO Steve Millard

Kognitio CEO Millard is Bullish on In-Memory

by   |    June 18, 2012

At its annual mega-conference SAPPHIRE, industry giant SAP held up its in memory platform HANA as the wave of the future, allowing customers to do real-time data analytics much faster through a massively parallel processing (MPP) system. But British company Kognitio has Read More…

NetBase: Natural Language Processing to Decipher Customers’ Social Media Sentiment

by   |    June 8, 2012

Click on almost any Twitter hashtag or trending topic and you’re awash in opinions about consumer products, companies and celebrities. Marketers, customer service reps and product developers want to make sense out of these references. They’re finding some answers with the help of text analytics software from vendors such as Mountain View, Calif.-based NetBase Solutions. Read More…