Podcast : How Analytics Can Help Retailers Put Goods Where Buyers Want

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Jim Mattecheck of 1010data

Jim Mattecheck of 1010data

Retailers have long worked to gain insights from the large volumes of data they collect. On this episode of the Data Informed podcast, we’re taking a conceptual trip to the grocery store to delve into the specific data management challenges and analytics opportunities in the shopping aisles and at the point of sale.

The guide for this trip is Jim Mattecheck, a 30-year veteran of the retail software industry including stints at Retek, Oracle and SAP. For the past five years, Mattecheck has been vice president of retail solutions at 1010data, a cloud-based data warehouse and analytics company.

In this Analytics podcast, Mattecheck points out the longstanding operational challenges facing retailers, and the role analytics can play in addressing them. He talks about a new system 1010data recently unveiled, called Shelf Monitor, which analyzes patterns in sales to identify which items are likely to require restocking. He also discusses the potential for retailers to partner with consumer goods makers to analyze consumer behavior patterns to improve sales.

The podcast picks up the conversation with Mattecheck describing the data volume challenge that retailers have been dealing with for years.

Michael Goldberg is the editor of Data Informed. Email him at Michael.Goldberg@wispubs.com.

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