Analytics as a Driver of Innovation, Growth and New Business Models

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William Hakes of Link Analytics

William Hakes of Link Analytics

At the recent SAS Analytics 2013 conference in Orlando, Link Analytics CEO William Hakes spoke about how many next-generation companies will be built on what he calls “analytical DNA.” These are companies that don’t just do analytics. They are analytics, he says.

Pandora or, for example, rely on analytics to provide services that address simple problems for the customer—“what music should I listen to” in the case of Pandora, and “I need a date” in the case of

Hakes believes a million companies will emerge with built-in analytical DNA in the coming years, many of them launched not from a business plan, but by people looking to solve a problem or answer a simple question.

In this podcast, Hakes sits down with Data Informed Publisher Michael Nadeau to share his thoughts on how traditional businesses can cultivate their own analytical DNA to create analytical products and services of their own.

We pick up the conversation with Hakes defining the analytical DNA concept.

Michael Nadeau is the publisher of Data Informed. Follow him on Twitter: @menadeau.

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