An Introduction to Marketing Analytics

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When consumers make a purchase, ring a call center, visit a website, click a banner ad, comment on social networks, or join a loyalty program, they’re producing valuable data—data that savvy marketers can analyze to make better business decisions.

Marketing analytics is a boon for a discipline that, while becoming more data driven over the past 50 years, historically has tilted more toward art than science.

Taking a data-driven approach to marketing can benefit the bottom line, but let’s be clear: Many marketers are not yet enjoying its bounty. Executives who see the potential benefits of marketing analytics cite clear challenges to achieving success including data that is collected too infrequently, or not in real time; a failure to share data within their organizations; and comparing the effectiveness of marketing across different digital media.

Read “Guide to Marketing Analytics,” Data Informed’s introduction to the subject—the evolution of the field, use cases as well as advice for getting started—by clicking here.

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