Focus On: Location Analytics

by   |    September 13, 2013

The question of where—where are our customers, shipments, risks, opportunities and more—is becoming more important to businesses as more devices collect and emit location-based data. Projections from IDC that one billion smartphones will ship this year, and 1.7 billion more Read More…

Guide to B2B Pricing Analytics

by   |    September 11, 2013

Spend any time listening to vendors of B2B pricing analytics solutions, and their pitches can be compelling. Readily peppered with phrases such as “scientific analysis,” “big data,” and “profit optimization,” they paint an alluring picture of growing revenues and accelerating Read More…

An Introduction to NoSQL Data Management for Big Data

by   |    September 4, 2013

NoSQL data systems provide a flexible model that enables automatic distribution of data and elasticity with respect to the use of computing, storage, and network bandwidth in ways that don’t force specific binding of data to be persistently stored in particular physical locations. This article introduces the concepts behind the growing popularity of NoSQL in the development of analytics applications.
Read More…