Your NCAA Bracket: A Classic Big Data Problem

by   |    March 17, 2015

Even for serious college basketball fans who bring more insight to their NCAA basketball office pool than team colors or strength of mascot, producing an accurate bracket is essentially impossible. Dan Finkel of MIT explains the challenges in big data terms, discusses data sets that can help improve your bracket, and describes a bracket contest for data scientists. Read More…

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How to Put HR Analytics to Work

by   |    March 5, 2015

Predictive analytics arrived in HR departments with more than its share of hype, leaving many practitioners disillusioned. These tips can help you and your organization make the most of HR predictive analytics. Read More…


Emotion, Courage, and the Psychology of Decision Making

by   |    February 16, 2015

A lack of trust in data or the inability to use it perpetuates the “go with your gut” approach to decision making that data was meant to replace. Morten Sandlykke of TARGIT discusses humans’ inability to make decisions free of emotion and what it takes for companies to embrace data and optimize decision making. Read More…