Accenture CRM Veteran Develops Big Data Marketing Analytics Platform

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Dale Renner of RedPoint Global

Dale Renner of RedPoint Global

Marketers are looking to get the right message in front of the right person at the right time—and use data to do it.

What if you had a suite of software that did all the heavy lifting, from data quality to campaign execution?

That’s the vision of Dale Renner, a veteran of Accenture’s development of an early CRM system. Renner’s company, RedPoint Global, is trying to address what he considers a nettlesome challenge for marketers by creating a single software platform to create what he calls a virtuous marketing cycle.

Renner said that successful digital marketing campaigns start with finding and mastering customer data, then using analytics to getting insights about connecting with customers, then acting on those insights and recording data from the results.

The goal of RedPoint’s software platform is to simplify and connect each step.

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“It’s great to have big data, or whatever you want to call it, but it’s like drinking through a fire hose,” said RedPoint customer Brad Mitchell, CEO of marketing analytics company VirtualDBS. “It’s great stuff, but it’s not going to do you much good. That’s really what the RedPoint product does, is it makes it all manageable. It allows you to bring it down into scores or segments that make sense, and then you can communicate.”

In January 2012, RedPoint acquired its technology partner DataLever, a data quality and data management tool built to create and curate customer record databases. The product is now called RedPoint Data Management and it is a cornerstone of the process to make analytics actionable..

“DataLever was built to handle customer data,” said Renner. “It uses parallel processing, so we get very good performance out of it, and it was built with ETL and data quality in mind.”

Renner said Data Management is extendable, and the company is working on adding analytical tools to the system like machine learning and streaming analytics. RedPoint already includes visualization software in its platform.

Paired with RedPoint’s campaign management software, called Interaction, the tool connects the analytics with marketing campaigns, using a single interface to plan and execute marketing on email, social media and other outlets.

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Data Management and Interaction can be bought separately instead of as part of the company’s software platform. Renner said RedPoint’s software is available either on-premise or as a hosted cloud environment; customers working on the cloud tend to buy the entire platform, those with on-premise deployments trend towards a la carte, he said.

Data Management also can handle dozens of languages and different character sets. The idea, Renner said, is to serve companies with a worldwide presence looking to consolidate their marketing campaigns in different languages.

Mitchell, the CEO of VirtualDBS, said the RedPoint Data Management software serves a major role for his company’s service.  VirtualDBS creates metrics and scoring models for marketing campaigns for its marketing clients. But VirtualDBS builds customer lists for its clients too, and all of those customer lists are built with Data Management.

“Anything that we have to do with cleaning, matching, building databases, it’s all done in RedPoint Data Management,” Mitchell said.

The RedPoint platform is a perfect fit for Mitchell; he provides the analytics, and RedPoint provides the foundation and the method for acting on his scoring and metrics.

“You can build these models for people, but you also have to deliver it back to them and they have to have some type of system to make it actionable,” Mitchell said. “That’s where RedPoint Interaction comes in. They built a product where the idea is it’s not just sales, it’s not just marketing, it’s not just email, it’s SMS for mobile, and it’s identifying things in a variety of different social media arenas. Now they have the ability to get messages out across those very segmented areas.”

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One Comment

  1. Curt Pearlman
    Posted May 15, 2013 at 10:26 am | Permalink

    Kudos to Mr. Renner for working toward making the experience as seamless as possible. Data Integration continues to be the weak link in so many business processes. We’ve taken a similar tack at where we’ve fused MDM and CRM, along with interaction data, on a big data platform and are then layering end-point solutions on top for direct delivery to business users. It’s a paradigm change and the market is reacting very positively.

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