A Data Scientist’s Approach to Predictive Analytics and Data Management for Marketers

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Omer Artun left Brown University with a Ph.D. in computational neuroscience and physics with an excitement for predictive analytics and data mining. After consulting at McKinsey & Company, he developed a deep appreciation for data-driven decisions.

AgilOne CEO Omer Artun

But after stints applying marketing analytics at CDW/Micro Warehouse and Best Buy (where he was senior director of B2B marketing), Artun came to realize there weren’t good tools to help marketers and salespeople tame the massive volume and variety of data. He wanted something to recommend actions based on that wealth of information that would help his companies start a relevant relationship with customers.

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“I saw firsthand that using data and analytics, you can use much better decisions,” Artun said. “But I saw that spreadsheet-level analytics was not enough when you have a lot of data.”

In 2006, Artun began building AgilOne, a cloud-based marketing analytics service that manages data and uses predictive analytics to make clear-cut marketing campaign recognitions. On Nov. 28, AgilOne launched its core product for general release and announced it had received $10 million in additional venture capital funding.

Please listen to the excerpt of a conversation between Data Informed staff and AgileOne CEO Omer Artun, where he discusses the importance of data management in marketing, how predictive analytics can help sort through all the noise to find insight, and why it’s important to create tools that recommend concrete actions.

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