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Guide to Predictive Analytics

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By Eric Smalley March 29, 2013 People have used computers to forecast aggregate behavior like that of markets for almost as long as there have been computers. Making predictions about individuals is a much more difficult matter. The focus of Read More…

Guide to Marketing Analytics

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By Mindy Charski February 8, 2013 When consumers make a purchase, turn on a cellphone, ring a call center, visit a website, click a banner ad, comment on social networks, or join a loyalty program, they’re producing valuable nuggets of Read More…

A Data Scientist’s Approach to Predictive Analytics and Data Management for Marketers

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Omer Artun left Brown University with a Ph.D. in computational neuroscience and physics with an excitement for predictive analytics and data mining. After consulting at McKinsey & Company, he developed a deep appreciation for data-driven decisions. But after stints applying Read More…