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Focus On: Human Resources Analytics

by   |   February 10, 2014   |   Leave a comment

The potential for analytics in the hands of human resources executives is clear: With data about employees’ performance, satisfaction and compensation, and insight about business needs, the executives can make better decisions about rewarding, retaining and hiring staff. As with Read More…

Focus On: Hadoop

by   |   February 3, 2014   |   Leave a comment

You can’t track the evolution of big data analytics without paying attention to the rise and spread of Hadoop. An open source project of the Apache Software Foundation, Hadoop was developed as a framework to perform computations on large datasets Read More…

A Case for In-Memory Data Grids

by   |   May 28, 2013   |   Leave a comment

An in-memory data grid uses intelligent, distributed caching to let applications meet requirements of performance, availability, reliability, and elastic scale. Such a system can be a boon to analytics systems and other applications that require fast access to data, writes Christina Wong of Red Hat in this opinion article.
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