How to Lose a Customer in 10 Seconds

by   |    September 19, 2017

We are in the age of immediacy. The pervasiveness of connected products, big data, and machine learning capabilities has created — and continues to feed — consumer demand for speed, accuracy, and thoroughness in virtually every interaction. The transformative impact Read More…

Gearing Up for GDPR: Don’t Get Left Behind

by   |    September 12, 2017

We operate in an increasingly global business environment. There are clearly myriad benefits to global expansion, but – as many organizations are increasingly becoming aware – there are equally as many regulations and standards, based on the number of countries Read More…

the future - next exit road sign

What Blockchain Means for the Future of Work

by   |    August 29, 2017

In the eighth millennium BC, Sumerians created proto-writing systems for accounting. Arguably, the blockchain represents the most significant advancement in recordkeeping since then. Excel spreadsheets and databases have more in common with stone tablets than the blockchain, the only incorruptible Read More…

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