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Don’t Overlook Data Transfer Requirements in Hadoop

by   |    May 21, 2015

Ian Hamilton of Signiant writes that organizations looking to implement Hadoop as part of their big data analytics strategy often forget about the need to transfer massive amounts of data to HDFS, and that traditional file transfer methods are ill-suited to handling files on the scale of big data. Read More…


Redefine Big Data for Your Business

by   |    May 18, 2015

Many companies struggle with the massive amounts of data that accompany their analytics efforts. Kim Hanmark of TARGIT writes that a more narrow definition of big data, based on an individual business’ needs and goals, can help place the focus on the most relevant data and sources. Read More…

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How to Secure Data in Hadoop

by   |    May 14, 2015

Sudeep Venkatesh of HP Security Voltage explains why many data security solutions leave data in Hadoop vulnerable to thieves and discusses a data-centric strategy to ensure that, whether at rest or in motion, data in Hadoop are secure. Read More…

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